Grey's Anatomy Musical Episode: Good Idea? (VIDEO)

greys anatomy musical episode
Grey's Anatomy goes musical!

On March 31st, we will see something new: a Grey’s Anatomy musical episode.  When I first heard this, all I could think of is when Scrubs had a musical episode.  Many people said the show jumped the shark or nuked the fridge, or whatever expression you want to use for when a television show or movie goes a little too far trying to do something new.

But, the more I hear about the Grey’s Anatomy musical episode, the more I’m convinced that it might actually be a good show.  Not something we’d want to see all the time, but good for one episode. The episode will be told from Callie’s point of view; did you know that Sara Rameriz is a Tony Award Winner?  And, at first, I was laughing at the thought of Bailey singing, but Chandra Wilson has a musical theater background!

Watch to learn more about the Grey’s Anatomy musical episode: