Grey's Anatomy Musical Event: How Was It? Greys Anatomy Review


grey's anatomy musical episodeThe Grey’s Anatomy musical episode finally aired tonight, after much anticipation.  Last week’s episode ended with Callie and Arizona getting in a car accident after Arizona proposes.

As she was brought into the hospital, you had two Callies: the one being worked on and then another- like an out of body experience. Sara Ramirez does have a pretty amazing voice: she has even released an album on youtube.

Some of the other doctors did sing, too. It was more like background music, rather than that they were singing to each other, which is what I was worried it would be.

There was a lot of emotion packed into the episode: would Callie be okay, would the baby be okay. Arizona worried about Callie. Mark worried about his best friend. Lexie comforting Mark. Even Addison made an appearance to help with the baby.

There was a cheesy scene with the song “Running on Sunshine.” That, I could have done without. I did cringe when Owen started singing “How to Save a Life” and then the rest of the cast joined in.

There were a few misses in the Greys Anatomy Musical Event, but overall, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I initially thought it would be, especially when it was Callie or Bailey singing.

I’ll give Grey’s Anatomy this: it was a unique way to handle a very emotional episode.  But, I think we could do without another Greys Anatomy musical event.

What did you think of tonight’s Greys Anatomy?