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Grey's Anatomy Musical Event: How Was It? Greys Anatomy Review

By shellthings |

grey's anatomy musical episodeThe Grey’s Anatomy musical episode finally aired tonight, after much anticipation.  Last week’s episode ended with Callie and Arizona getting in a car accident after Arizona proposes.

As she was brought into the hospital, you had two Callies: the one being worked on and then another- like an out of body experience. Sara Ramirez does have a pretty amazing voice: she has even released an album on youtube.

Some of the other doctors did sing, too. It was more like background music, rather than that they were singing to each other, which is what I was worried it would be.

There was a lot of emotion packed into the episode: would Callie be okay, would the baby be okay. Arizona worried about Callie. Mark worried about his best friend. Lexie comforting Mark. Even Addison made an appearance to help with the baby.

There was a cheesy scene with the song “Running on Sunshine.” That, I could have done without. I did cringe when Owen started singing “How to Save a Life” and then the rest of the cast joined in.

There were a few misses in the Greys Anatomy Musical Event, but overall, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I initially thought it would be, especially when it was Callie or Bailey singing.

I’ll give Grey’s Anatomy this: it was a unique way to handle a very emotional episode.  But, I think we could do without another Greys Anatomy musical event.

What did you think of tonight’s Greys Anatomy?

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0 thoughts on “Grey's Anatomy Musical Event: How Was It? Greys Anatomy Review

  1. Kate says:

    Loved Callie’s singing. Little Grey, too. Sometimes music is more powerful than the lyrics themselves (think: the movie “UP” beautiful music, no words in some scenes). Some of the songs/lyrics tonight made sense, but some…I was looking sideways at the TV like my dog does…huh?

  2. Sheryl says:

    I am a huge fan. I have never missed a show. I am so glad I did not miss this one because it was totally AMAZING. Way to go guys. You all rocked the show. Thanks to the writer’s and actor’s for doing a wonderful job and keeping us on the edge of our seat.

    Once again AMAZING.

    Sheryl Elkins
    HUGE fan

  3. Felicia says:

    No no no THIS IS NOT GLEE!!! i don’t like this musical crap! I love Grey’s Anatomy UNTIL the musical.

  4. Sara says:

    I thought it was okay… on a few of the songs they should have made the voices louder and the songs more quiet (the first one especially.) I am a HUGE Grey’s fan and I enjoyed this episode tremendously. I liked Addi’s return-they should bring her back more often. I hate anything that prevents mer-der so I didn’t like her before, but now that they are “married” I don’t mind her so much. Glad it wasn’t like an actual musical. Way to go, Shonda!! Definitely make another “Music Event” for next season! :)

  5. loomisG says:

    Yeah, bold to try it, but not needed again.

  6. susan polansky says:

    I positively hated this episode. I was looking forward to seeing this show. I kept getting calls from other fans who couldn’t believe how their favorite show was ruined. The show couldn’t be taken seriously. It was a joke watching doctors break into song during a life and death operation. Please don’t consider doing this again. If you feel compelled to do a musical go to broadway.

  7. Tori says:

    Great,they can sing, but the show was horrible. It was an awkward and ridiculous episode

  8. Patti Cmielewski says:

    I forced myself through watching this musical episode so I could stay up to date on the storyline. Why would they mess with such a fantastic show?! I can only hope this is the last musical – I can’t watch two…

  9. Frank Rotello says:

    Ridiculus. The worst, most painful episode of Greys anatomy to watch. I have watched every episode since the show aired. This “musical event” episode is beyond unimaginable. Did the writers run out of creativeness? The actors look childish singing. If I want to watch a musical (vomit!!!) I will go to New York. That’s it. I’m only 30 minutes into it and I have to turn it off. Thanks ABC

  10. Tony says:

    This was by far the worst episode ever. My wife and I grew so annoyed by the singing that we just put the whole show on fast forward. Thank God we recorded it first. We saw the whole last half hour of the show in fast motion except for when they weren’t singing. This idea was worse than trying to let Izzy back on the show a few seasons ago. How could they have such an emotional episode about a main character on her death bed and meanwhile everyone is singing like a bunch of teenage fools on Glee. It was like a joke. It wasn’t even serious. They could have just played the music in the background with no doctors singing at all. If they ever do another musical episode my wife and I will never watch another Grey’s Anatomy episode again. Wow….. The writers should be ashamed!

  11. ld says:

    give me a break, sucked.

  12. ld says:

    It absolutely sucked, no other way to say it!

  13. Linda says:

    I love Greys, but please save the singing for Broadway. Stick with
    what you do best.

  14. Jayne says:

    Seriously? No, seriously? No way….THINK again? Seriously!!

  15. LogicalMama says:


  16. Flaperson says:

    I really wished they didn’t do that. I hope they never do it again. I watched most of the episode on mute. This is an overly serious show, like law and order. Musical numbers dont fit. I can live with it though, all is forgiven, now go back to normal and be serious and make me cry.

    But yeah, the part about Gay right was GREAT. Good point I hope people noticed in the middle of all the crazy.

  17. renacarole says:

    Love Grey’s Anatomy; however, could do without the musical “stuff”. Sara has an awesome voice but do not like the life & death situations mingled with soft rock opera. Please do not do it any more.

  18. Diane says:

    I loved it.. Sara, Chyler, Kevin, Chandra and Justin are awesome singers. I thought it was creative, innovative and very well done. Lots of talented people, including the writer.. kudos to Shonda.

  19. Judy Perry says:

    Absolutely the most disappointing episode EVER. Ridiculous to take this tragic car accident and turn it into a “musical” event. It was sooooo bad that I’m about to decide to ditch Grey’s all together. All my friends are just as aggravated as I am with the show. What were you thinking?

  20. Pat says:

    Where did that come from? That was painful to watch. I am over with Greys Anatomy if this what you are turning it into. Think about it. People who like the medical drama of Greys Anatomy and the accuracy of the medical part, could not possiby be goofy enough to like that cartoon that Greys Anatomy was last night. Did you guys get new writers who can’t write dialogue and have to fill it in with crap?

  21. Jane Alexander says:

    This episode was awful. If I had wanted singing I would have been watching American Idol, which I will do next week.

  22. Belva Reaves says:

    My family and I wanted to throw something at the television last night. This is one of our favorite shows but last night was AWFUL! DON’T EVER DO THIS AGAIN.

  23. Luke says:

    They episode was terrible. It was a little better with me hitting the mute button and fast forwarding it on my dvr. They ruined the suspense that was created in the previous episode. I will be skipping an episode (for the first time) if they do it again.

  24. Brenda says:

    I HATED it. Everytime they started to sing I muted the volume. It was very silly. It was a serious subject… singing was inappropriate. Stupid!!!

  25. beverly wilson says:

    i really hated this show. i have had enough of the love life of these two women. you focus on them entirely too much, and now the singing, which was silly, i will just turn the channel next week and watch reruns on another network. this used to be my number one show and it has turned into a joke that is not even funny. good bye Greys Anatomy.

  26. Jo says:

    Besides a few moments in the episode, I actually LOVED it! A great way to shake things up a bit, let the cast try something a little different in their jobs. I don’t know about you, but I like a break from the ordinary in my job now and again. Sure, they hit and missed now and again, but it was their first time. Ms. Rhimes felt like giving her fans a treat, forgive her for trying; and, look forward to all that she is capable of in the future. We’ll see our favourite characters back in their element on the 28th of April, followed by a beautiful wedding. Just breathe and love <3

  27. hannahbazzett says:

    i love calzona!!!!!! go callie and arizona!!!!

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