Grey's Anatomy Musical - Jumping the Shark or Riding Glee's Coattails? (Video)

greys anatomy musical
Grey's Anatomy Musical Episode

Some of the most dramatic medical shows on tv are taking a scary leap this month by airing musical oriented episodes.  First we had Dr. Gregory House singing Get Happy on Monday’s episode of the medical mystery series, now we have the docs at Seattle Grace taking a page from those pesky kids at Glee.   

Do the musical episodes mark the end of our favorite medical dramas or will they breath new lives into the seasoned shows?

The risk to show off the musical abilities of Hugh Laurie paid off big on Monday night by  rocketing House to the top of the ratings heap beating out the drama of The Bachelor.  Whether the same impact will be felt for the Grey’s Anatomy musical episode remains to be seen.    It should be interesting to see how the surgical show chooses to merge the musical talents of its cast into the high drama of the action at Seattle Grace.    Can McDreamy sing?  Is Meredith tone deaf?  What about Cristina Yang?  Oh so many Grey’s Anatomy musical questions. 

What do you think of Grey’s Anatomy’s much hyped musical episode?  Has the show jumped the shark?