Greyson Chance on Ellen: Performs First Single "Waiting Outside the Lines" (Video)

greyson chance ellen degeneres debut new single waiting outside the lines
Watch Greyson Chance on Ellen DeGeneres

Greyson Chance was on Ellen DeGeneres to perform his first single, “Waiting Outside the Lines” (video). Greyson also talks to Ellen about bullying, and his song “Purple Sky,” which he explains, “”It’s … saying a normal sky is a blue sky, but it’s saying that a ‘purple sky’ is different but it’s still beautiful in it’s own way.”

Greyson wants kids who are feeling low to listen to the song and feel better.

Wow, is this kid too cute and talented!

You may recall Greyson Chance as the YouTube viral video sensation who has been compared to Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Ellen DeGeneres gave Greyson his big chance under her new record label.

Greyson Chance, just 13, debuted his first single, “Waiting Outside the Lines,” on the October 26 Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Chance explains to Ellen, “The song is really close to my heart, and I’m just so excited that you get to see it.”

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