Greyson Chance Talks Music, Justin Bieber, & Life After YouTube Fame (VIDEO)


Remember YouTube phenomenon Greyson Chance? The video of him singing Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi at a school concert to a group of swooning girl’s led him to a guest spot on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and landed him on her new label eleveneleven.

Despite the fact that he was thrust into the spotlight so suddenly, this little wonder has amazing media skills. He gives better interviews and more intelligent answers than rock stars twice his age with way more experience. I for one can’t wait to hear his music and feel that he is going to be a great role model for kids.

Take a look at his interview with PopEater where he talks meeting Lady Gaga, comparisons to Justin Bieber, and how even though he has 29 million YouTube hits, his friends know he’s still just Greyson.


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