Groupon Super Bowl Ads in Bad Taste, Offensive?


Groupon TVThe Groupon Super Bowl ads quickly created an online reaction–and it wasn’t good. Most people think the irreverent ads went over the line veering into bad taste.

The Groupon TV spots airing during the Super Bowl featured celebrity spokespeople. The ads start out like a public service announcement but quickly turn in to a Groupon pitch.

In one commercial, Timothy Hutton’s message about Tibet quickly went from charitable to hard sell.  I found Elizabeth Hurley’s ad that began talking about the “rapid deforestation of the Brazilian rainforest … followed by a note that “not all deforestation is bad,” like a 50 percent discount to a Brazilian wax in New York City.”


The most controversial of Groupon’s Super Bowl ad features actor Timothy Hutton speaking about Tibet, and deals on Tibetan food.

What did you think of the Groupon Super Bowl Ads?

Groupon Save the Money Rainforest

Photo: Groupon