Guess What? Sarah Jessica Parker Doesn't Care About The Super Bowl

Sarah Jessica won't be watching the big game tonight

Sarah Jessica Parker is no Kendra Wilkinson, apparently.

The former Sex and the City starlet admits that while the majority of the country will be tuning in to the big New York Giants versus New England Patriots Super Bowl game, Sarah Jessica could care less.

The busy mother-of-three told USA Today, “I can tell you honesty, I will not be watching the football game. I have absolutely no interest.”

She added, “How long does [the game] last? Up to four hours? Really? If I had four hours of leisure time, I would watch the first episode of Luck and start the first season of Mad Men or Downton Abbey. You get my point.”

Sarah Jessica really does have a point there. When do women get to sit down and watch television for four hours straight? Actually, let me go ahead and answer my own question: the Oscars. And I’m sure football fans would share Sarah Jessica’s same exact thoughts about a televised awards.

Are you going to be tuning in tonight for the big game… or spending hours pinning this week’s dinners on Pinterest instead?


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