Guess Who: Which Celebrity Newborn Is Going Incognito? (Photo)

hilary duff, luca cruz
A mystery celebrity newborn!

This celebrity newborn may have already made his photo debut on twitter, but his mom is not letting the paparazzi get one shot of her bundle of joy!

To help you guess who the newborn is, we’ll give you a number of hints! Then click below to find the answer.

1. The baby’s initials are LCC.

2. His mom is a former Disney star.

3. His dad is a former professional ice hockey player.

4. His mom is frienemies with Lindsay Lohan!

5. This baby may have the Laguna Beach theme song stuck in his head!

Can you guess? Find out below if you were correct!

It’s Hilary Duff’s baby boy Luca Cruz!

[Photos via Twitter.]