Refreshing! 4 Stars who Dress Like Real-Life Moms


In my fantasy life, I dress like Katie Holmes, Elle McPherson, Halle Berry, Gisele Bundchen. In my real life, it’s a whole other story. I dress like a mom. A real mom. My jeans don’t quite fit (20-months post-partum!). My shoes haven’t been cool since the ’90s (which, to be fair, is when I bought them). My hair has that not-quite-desirable just-outta-bed look. So today, I salute the casual celebrity moms who dress like us real mothers—and aren’t ashamed to be photographed that way.

Guess who’s pictured above? Full photo, plus photos of more Real-Mom-esque celebs below. Take a look. Really, they’ll make you feel better about yourself.

It’s Jennifer Garner, with daughter Violet. She’s won my heart as the least fashionable celeb mom on earth. She and I could have coffee together any day and, for once, I wouldn’t be the under-dressed one.

Katherine Heigl takes second place (holding daughter Naleigh). She always looks good, but never overdone. She’d fit in at any playground, any day. Especially since she’s rocking the number one mom hairdo: the ponytail.

As for photo 3: Where have you gone, Baby Spice? While fellow Spice Girl Victoria Beckham never leaves home without her heels and hair gel, Geri Halliwell (with Bluebell) is au naturel and then some. And I say kudos to that.


And Finally, Rebecca Gayheart, looking great for a woman who gave birth on March 3, makes anti-glam fashion look hip. She’s got the ponytail, the shirt that doesn’t quite hang right, the jeans that are just off-cool. Yet still, she looks fine. Don’t hate her for being beautiful,

Photos: INF