Gwen Stefani Pregnant With Baby #3!


There comes a moment in the life of every celebrity pregnancy rumor when it either becomes obvious that it is true or apparent that it is false.

In Gwen Stefani’s case, it appears the rumors are true, and Gwen Stefani is pregnant with her third child with Gavin Rossdale. The songstress is already a mother to two boys, Kingston, 3, and Zuma, 21 months, and has made no secret of wanting a third baby (and of hoping for a girl).

So on what am I basing this conclusion, what incontrovertible evidence has arisen to suggest that Gwen is indeed in the famiy way once again? Is it the appearance of a slight baby bump? The fact that she’s wearing baggy clothes? Her use of sea-bands bracelets, which combat morning sickness? Nope. I’m basing it on two words.
No comment. That’s what her rep, Dave Tomberlin replied, when asked by WENN media about the story. When you add together all the pieces—her appearance, her clothes and the lack of a denial from her people—it becomes clear that the No Doubt frontwoman is going to be a mom again.

We’ll wait for the official confirmation, which we assume will come in a few weeks, unless Stefani and Rossdale choose to pull an Isla Fisher and refuse to confirm it at all. But in the meantime,  congratulations Gwen and Gavin, and all the best for a healthy pregnancy!

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