Gwen Stefani's Mom Frumpy Day! (Photos)

gwen stefani
Gwen Stefani in London.

Stop the presses, ladies…because celeb mom Gwen Stefani was seen out and about looking kind of frumpy! Gwen is a complete and total fashion icon, but I guess every now and then even she has the whole “mom frump” thing going on.

Gwen was spotted out and about in London wearing this brown patchwork sweater and super baggy jeans, which did nothing to flatter her amazing figure.

Maybe I’m out of the loop as far as new fashion trends go, but this look really seems like a huge “miss” to me.

Take a look at the photos below and judge for yourself. Is Gwen’s look a bit on the frumpy side, or do you think she pulled it off just fine?


  • Hit or Miss? 1 of 4
    Hit or Miss?
    Do you like Gwen's outfit?
  • Mens Jeans? 2 of 4
    Mens Jeans?
    These jeans are either Gwen's husband's, or they are about five sizes too big.
  • Not Her Best Look… 3 of 4
    Not Her Best Look...
    This is not one of Gwen's better styles.
  • Hiding Her Figure 4 of 4
    Hiding Her Figure
    Gwen has a great shape and should wear clothes that show it off!