Gwen Stefani's Mom Style: Overdressed or Super Stylish? (Photos)

Fancy duds don't keep Gwen from romping in the dirt.

I’ve always been fascinated by the photos of Gwen Stefani playing with her kids that are featured on various websites and mags. Mostly because Gwen’s style rocks and I’m always interested to see what she’s got going on.

Aside from the fact that she’s never seen without her signature red lipstick, there is one other common denominator: Gwen is always dressed to impress.

Whether it’s just a quick jaunt to the local park near her homes in L.A. or London, or it’s a family excursion to lunch or the toy store, Gwen always looks like she’s ready for a photo shoot.

I mean, damn, girlfriend. I’ve got two kids as well and I consider brushing my hair before heading to the park a major triumph. Managing makeup? Maybe one day out of thirty. But the ensembles Gwen has showcased over the years? She’s putting us all to shame, is all I’m saying.

I’ll give her one thing though, she doesn’t let a pair of six-inch stilettos stop her from getting down and dirty with Kingston and Zuma. If you check out the photos below, you’ll see that Gwen doesn’t let high fashion get in the way of play time with her boys. So tell me, do you think Gwen is overdressed for a day at the park with the kids or do you think her super style is something all moms should aspire to?

  • Runway Ready 1 of 15
    Runway Ready
    Holding hands with Zuma while strolling around the park.
  • A Trip To The Pumpkin Patch 2 of 15
    A Trip To The Pumpkin Patch
    Another seriously stylish ensemble... To go pick pumpkins.
  • Toy Shopping 3 of 15
    Toy Shopping
    While you and I wear jeans and a T-shirt to Toys-r-Us, Gwen looks like she just stepped off the runway.
  • Soccer With The Family 4 of 15
    Soccer With The Family
    Gwen and husband, Gavin Rossdale. play soccer while hanging out at the park with sons Kingston and Zuma.
  • Lunch Time 5 of 15
    Lunch Time
    This is what Gwen wears when she takes her family out to lunch in London. I don't think I look this good on my best day.
  • Does She Have Someone Style Her Before Play Dates? 6 of 15
    Does She Have Someone Style Her Before Play Dates?
    This is what Gwen wears to a palydate for Zuma. Sure she's got on jeans, but how long did it take to perfectly style that hair do? She looks stunning. I mean, what? Does she have someone style her before play dates?
  • Seriously Stiletto 7 of 15
    Seriously Stiletto
    This is what Gwen wears for a stroll around Primrose Hill Park near the family's London home. Not sure about you, but stilettos are not my strolling shoe of choice.
  • Woman in Black 8 of 15
    Woman in Black
    Like I said, Gwen doesn't let fashion get in the way of play time with her boys.
  • Hot Mama 9 of 15
    Hot Mama
    Another look at Gwen's fashion choice for a trip to the local park.
  • The Most Dressed Down Photo I Could Find 10 of 15
    The Most Dressed Down Photo I Could Find
    Still. She even manages to make this ensemble look stylish.
  • Let’s Go Fly A Kite 11 of 15
    Let's Go Fly A Kite
    Another day at Primrose Hill park in London for some kite flying.
  • Swingers 12 of 15
    Gwen happily swings with Kingston at the park.
  • Gone Fishin’ 13 of 15
    Gone Fishin'
    Even manages to look sassy and stylish while helping her kids catch fish in a local pond.
  • More Mama In Black 14 of 15
    More Mama In Black
    Gwen with Zuma at a park in Los Angeles.
  • Beach Wear? 15 of 15
    Beach Wear?
    This would be Gwen's outfit of choice to take her kids to the beach.