Gwen Stefani's Son Zuma Rushed To Hospital? What Happened?

gwen stefani zuma
Zuma Rossdale rushed to ER?

You can’t always believe everything that you read in the National Enquirer, and for Gwen Stefani’s son Zuma’s sake, we’re hoping this story turns out to be false. The tabloid published a report yesterday that 2-year old Zuma Rossdale was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday night to treat a broken arm. If this rumor is true, what exactly happened to the poor tot?

According to the National Enquirer, Zuma took a fall off a countertop in his home, which resulted in the broken arm. He was supposedly taken to the ER at around 10pm, which makes me ask two important questions:

1. What was little Zuma doing up at that hour?

2. Why on earth was he on top of the counter?

An “insider” broke the news of Zuma’s accident, and even said that he had to get a pin put into his wrist. The source also says, “Zuma is now back home and on mend, but it was a very harrowing few hours in the Stefani-Rossdale household.”

Poor little Zuma! If this report is true, we wish him a very speedy recovery!

Photo: Pacific Coast News