Gwyneth Paltrow, Her Vespa, and a School Bus: What Happened and Who's to Blame?


Warning: this video does not look good at all.

Celebrity mom Gwyneth Paltrow was on the receiving end of some rather sharp criticism once again for cutting off a school bus full of kids while riding on her Vespa with her daughter Apple in Brentwood, Calif. this past week. The two were on their way home from school, with dad Chris Martin and little brother Moses not too far behind on another Vespa. Here’s the video:

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While it does look like Gwyneth and Chris were trying to avoid the paparazzi, I’d hate to say this, but both parents were definitely putting their children in danger here. Gwyneth didn’t even bother looking behind her before cutting off the school bus, and even though I’ve only been to Los Angeles and the outer neighborhoods a handful of times, I can tell you that the city is definitely not Vespa-friendly.

But then again, what major metropolitan city in America is?

I don’t blame Gwyneth for wanting to pick her kids up from school on her Vespa. Heck, I rode my bike with my kids in a trailer behind me all last year while taking my daughter to preschool. Not only did my bicycle save me money on gas, but the two-mile, one-way route also helped me get into shape. While the trek to preschool was easy enough, I don’t live in an area that is very bike-, Vespa-, or even pedestrian-friendly. And I’m sure that’s what many bikers and pedestrians unfortunately deal with in many parts of the country, too.

While I applaud Gwyneth and her family for making the proper precautions by wearing helmets, she should have definitely considered the drivers around her before making such a sharp turn. And on the other hand, it kind of sucks that our streets aren’t very friendly for those who want to leave our gas-guzzling SUVs and minivans in our garages for more alternative modes of transportation.

But until that happens, let’s make sure we’re all watching out for each other on our roads, my friends. We want to get our kids home from school both safe and sound.