Gwyneth Paltrow Looking Glam...and Not Pregnant


Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted looking long and lean at the Chopard’s 150 Years Of Excellence Gala in New York last night. I can’t help but thinking she might have gotten wind of some of our recent posts speculating on whether or not she is pregnant, and thought to herself, Oh really? I’ll show them.

If so, well-played. She couldn’t look less pregnant if she tried in this stunning gown. And I think the cinched waist is the clincher here. She couldn’t look tinier.

So our bad, Gwyneth. Don’t take our enthusiasm for your possible pregnancy too personally. We are just excited by the idea of another little mini-me Gwyneth or Chris running around New York. And we had a whole list of names to suggest to you…which I guess we’ll have to just keep to ourselves.

For the meantime, anyway.