Gwyneth Paltrow Should Be On Glee Forever - Watch Her Rock Forget You!

gwyneth paltrow glee
Gwyneth Paltrow Rocks Glee Again

Glee is a repeat again tonight.  It’s such a drag, but at least they picked the very first episode that featured Gwyneth Paltrow as substitute teacher Holly Holliday to remind us how great she was in her debut.

Watch Gwyneth Paltrow perform Forget You on Glee….

Before her appearance as the substitute health ed teacher, Gwyneth was the substitute Spanish teacher who stepped in for the glee club when Mr. Shuester was under the weather.   From the moment Gwyneth hit her first note in her performance of Cee-Lo Green’s Forget You, Gleeks were begging for a repeat performance.   Love her or hate her the girl can sing!

To be entirely honest, I was getting a bit bored with Glee this season until she strutted in and ruled the stage.  Hopefully she’ll sign on to do even more episodes this season as the love interest of Will now that Emma is taken.

What did you think of Gwyneth’s performance on Glee?