Gwyneth Paltrow Wants Your Kids to Pose


Gwyneth Paltrow is looking out for the children of New York. Yes, while Jamie Oliver is making sure that the nation’s schoolkids don’t develop diabetes and other debilitating health conditions, Gwyneth is doing her best to ensure that those same schoolchildren have acess to…yoga.

Full disclosure: I am yoga-averse. Yes, this makes me unhip and, probably, inflexible (in body, though it’s probably true for my mind, as well). I’m sure I’ll develop arthritis earlier than the rest of you, and I’ll never achieve inner peace. I’ll die having never done the Eagle Pose. But there you have it.

Anyway, last night Gwyneth and Heather Graham came out to celebrate Bent on Learning, a non-profit that brings yoga to schools in NYC, from grades preK-12. The group’s goal is to help students relieve stress and increase “concentration, self-esteem, and overall health.” As Gwyneth told The Insider last year, “I think New York City public schools need some TLC, and, I think, yoga is a nice way to get centered. It is a great idea.”

I’m not going to mock the cause. Given my disclaimer above, I’m clearly biased and this group is probably doing NYC’s kids a service. A few Downward Dogs and a Tree Pose or two can’t possibly hurt. At the same time, I’m throwing my money, and time, behind the school lunch movement. (Gwyneth has also lent her name to Oliver’s cause, so I’ll give her some credit, though she seems much more vocal about yoga).

How about you? What do you think is the most important kids’ cause in the U.S. today?