Gwyneth Paltrow's Guest Stint on Glee: She'll Do Solos

gwyneth paltrow singing
Yes, Glee fans, Gwyneth Paltrow can sing

Gleeks, get ready to hear Gwyneth Paltrow belt out a few tunes solo! The actress, who will play a country singer in the upcoming movie, Country Strong, alongside Tim McGraw and also sang onscreen with Huey Lewis in Duets, will hit the small screen in a guest appearance on Glee. Ryan Murphy, Glee’s creator confirms it’s a go: “Yes, it’s true!” he said. “She is a fan of the show.” So what character will she play?

“She is going to be playing a substitute teacher who Matt Morrison’s character falls for,” Murphy reveals. “She will be doing three or four solos. She is a friend of mine and I admire her,” says Murphy, who directed her in 2006’s Running With Scissors. “I said, ‘If I write a part for you, will you do it?’ Ad she said, ‘Yes!'”

And Paltrow’s husband singer Chris Martin isn’t the only one in the family who can carry a tune.

“She is so talented and good at it,” Murphy said. “She’s really excited.”  So are we!


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