Gwyneth's Brood Bound For Spain?



Yeah, yeah… we already know that Gywneth Paltrow loves Spain and thinks it’s language, culture and history are superior to all others – blah, blah. Now, rumor has it that she’s considering packing up the crib in London and building a new nest in Spain.

Apparently, the family that hosted a 15 year-old Gwyneth back in her studying abroad days has now given the actress a plot of land where she wants to build a home.

“‘She is considering building there but she is also keen on the Costa Del Sol where there are some nice areas.’

As a 15-year-old the future Oscar winner spent a month living with the family in Talavera de la Reina in central Spain.

In a recent interview she said the experience changed her life – and made her keenly aware of the shortcomings of her American homeland.”

I’m assuming that Gywn’s clear the idea with hubby Chris Martin already and that he doesn’t mind ditching his homeland for a while.

The kids, Moses, 3, and Apple, 5, are both advanced Spanish speakers, while mommy Gwyn is completely fluent. No word on Chris’ skills when it comes to Espanol.