Hailey Glassman Still Talking About Jon Gosselin


jon gosselin hailey glassmanTeam Kate has an unlikely supporter Hailey Glassman. If you remember, Glassman is the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon who then went on to become the girlfriend of Kate’s ex, Jon Gosselin. Things ended on a pretty bad note between Hailey and Jon, and it seems that Hailey just doesn’t want to let it go. Mostly because, according to Hailey, Jon still owes her $200,000, something she called him out about on twitter a few weeks ago.

Hailey went on the record during an interview with PopEater about her feelings towards Kate and Jon. Here’s some of what she had to say;
About Jon owing her money – . “He owes me $200,000,” According to Glassman Jon was taking her half of their rent and not forwarding it to the landlord. “I was so mad when we were evicted,” she said. “Then he comes crying to me, with those little green eyes, that he’s in debt, and he’s going to be arrested. I said maybe he needed to go to jail. Then he guilted me, you know, with, ‘Imagine Mady and Cara’s faces when their daddy gets sent to jail.’ So I caved, and I gave him the money.”

“It’s like, I’d sue him to get it back now, but he’s not working. He has no money,” she said. “And I don’t want to take his kids’ money. That’s different. I will not take anything that belongs to Kate or the kids.”

She also seems to have become a bit of a ‘Kate’ fan lately too. She went on to tell PopEater that.”I think Kate’s a great mom,” she said. “Jon’s not providing for those kids, and she has eight mouths to feed. I know dancing wasn’t even a part of their wedding because she was so self-conscious about dancing in front of people. For her to go on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ took a lot of courage, I mean, obviously, she wasn’t the best dancer. But she really did that as a way to support her kids. My parents called in and voted for her like a million times.”

Well it’s obvious that Hailey isn’t a fan of Jon anymore, and for good reason, if what she is alleging is true. But I think it’s kinda weird that she’s all of a sudden jumped on the ‘Team Kate’ bandwagon. It also seems funny that she’s still talking about it, instead of just moving on! I agree that Jon should pay her the money if he does owe it to her, but I also think that she might be just trying to maintain her 15 minutes of fame by constantly bringing up her relationship with Jon. What do you think? You can read the entire interview with Hailey here.