Halle Berry: 5 Looks Proving She May Be the World's Sexiest Single Mom (Photos)

Halle Berry

When you think of the style of a very busy working single mom, you probably would think either a power suit or soiled sweats. But Halle Berry, she doesn’t do either of those, she is all sizzle, all style, all sexy. And at the age of forty-four she she shows no signs of slowing down.

2011 is only half over but Halle Berry has pretty much proved that she is the sexiest single mom of the year. Halle Berry has been spotted dressed to the nines wowing the red carpet and being an inspiration to not just single moms and but single moms everywhere (and especially those over 40).

Check out these five looks Halle Berry has pulled together for the red carpet, what do you think? World’s sexiest single mom?