Halle Berry And Olivier Martinez Do Lunch At The Pink Taco In L.A. (Photos)

Halle Berry

Halle Berry and her beau Olivier Martinez were spotted having lunch together at the Pink Taco on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday afternoon.

The celebrity mom looked both casual and comfortable as she had on a cute grey mesh sweater and fedora hat on. Halle probably doesn’t put much effort into her style, but she always ends up looking fashionable nonetheless.

Check out our photos below!

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    Halle Berry
    Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have a lunch date at Pink Taco Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.
  • Lunch Date 2 of 5
    Lunch Date
    Martinez could be seen wearing a pair of funky slipper type shoes while Halle hung back by the restaurant waiting for the valet.
  • Going Strong 3 of 5
    Going Strong
    It looks like these two are still going strong.
  • Not Married? 4 of 5
    Not Married?
    But hold up- weren't they supposed to get married and move to France this summer?
  • Hmm… 5 of 5
    It looks like they have their plans on hold for now. Knowing Halle, she might surprise us!

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