Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Make the Rest of us Look Boring!

Halle Berry Olivier Martinez on motorcycle
Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez zipping through L.A.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are starting to make the rest of us look really boring!

These two lovebirds are displaying their adventurous love yet again, this time on the streets of Los Angeles.

They couple looked cozy as ever on the French actor’s motorcycle.  Can they be any more romantic?

Halle and Olivier have been spotted jetsetting across the globe together, from London to Paris to Beverly Hills. They recently met on the set of Dark Tide soon after Halle split with Gabriel Aubry.

On Wednesday, Halle was all smiles when her new beau picked her up outside of a salon. She held on tight with her goodies on her arm as the two navigated their way with the help of a police escort.

These two are getting very close…  is marriage and kids next?  I wouldn’t be surprised!

Photo: Splash