Halle Berry and The Most Expensive Diaper Bag EVER


Halle Berry apparently has champagne tastes, good thing she doesn’t live on a beer budget. Here the Oscar winner carrying one thing that is priceless, her daughter Nahla, and one thing that has a price, a really really big price. Her Gucci diaper bag. So how much does this high-end canvas bag cost? Guess

$980! Yes, almost a thousand dollar for this Gucci logo diaper bag. For that price you’d hope it would come with someone to change all the diapers too!

Would you ever spend that much on a diaper bag, even if you could? And if you want to right now, you can pick one up from Saks right here.

If you’d like to steal a little of Nahla’s style, for way way way less, you can pick up a pair of the See Kai Run sandals she’s wearing! Here the toddler wears a pair of the lime green Marian open-toe sandals. Well made and wonderfully comfortable, these stylish shoes are a steal at $38 here.