Halle Berry is Flawless Under Pressure


halle-berry-shopping-in-sunset-plaza-flawlessHalle Berry doesn’t give a rat’s behind what the paparazzi think of her and sets out to prove that every day.

She just wants to go out of the house and be normal. Sometimes that includes hair that isn’t styled and pimples. Though it’s hard to believe she ever has pimples, her skin always looks so fresh.

She says, “All these paparazzi are just out of control, it has added a new pressure. When you just want to go out and be a normal person you get put on that bad clothes list. Or it’s like, ‘Look, she’s got a zit,’ and they zero in on it. Or it’s, ‘Look, she’s got cellulite,’ and they zero in on that. They make you feel like you can’t go out and be a normal girl. I try to resist it and go out without my make-up even though I know I am going to be on that list.”

I’m guessing that she doesn’t want to sit in the hair and makeup chair for three hours every time she wants to leave the house.

I think I would probably be on that list everyday.