Halle Berry Leads a Grouchy Nahla to School (Photos)


Must have been one of those mornings. We all have them – and when you’re just a preschooler, they seem to happen more often than you’d like.

Halle Berry’s four-year-old daughter, Nahla Aubry, was looking distinctly dour this morning as she and her mom walked through the parking lot on the way to her school. Scowling, she walked a few paces behind while Halle strode right along in that let’s-get-going-please-I don’t-need-this-hassle way familiar to any parent who’s had to hurry along a dawdler along.

Maybe things looked up once Nahla got to class and heard the oohs of admiration from her classmates when they saw her way-cool leopard dress and fuzzy headband.

Here’s hoping everyone’s mood was brighter at pickup time!

  • Daily routine 1 of 6
    Daily routine
    Halle has a definite been-there-done-that attitude as she gets out of her car.
  • Carrying the load 2 of 6
    Carrying the load
    How is it that moms always end up carrying their kids' school supplies?
  • Going wild 3 of 6
    Going wild
    Nahla is wearing a fun leopard-patterned dress over leggings, with a furry headband.
  • Reluctant student 4 of 6
    Reluctant student
    Nahla lags slightly behind her mom.
  • Why the ‘tude? 5 of 6
    Why the 'tude?
    You'd think that she'd be happier, considering how stylish she looks today.
  • No nonsense 6 of 6
    No nonsense
    Halle is determined to get her daughter to school on time.

[Photos: via PacificCoastNews]

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