Halle Berry Loses Custody Battle; Can't Move To France With Daughter Nahla

Halle Berry and Nahla Aubry

It looks like she is going to grow up to be a California girl after all. A judge pretty much put a halt on actress Halle Berry’s plans to move to France with her 4-year-old daughter, as the Hollywood star planed on living in her fiance Olivier Martinez’s home country.

Citing paparazzi issues as her main concern of wanting to move to France with her daughter, a judge stamped his disapproval on her plans, meaning Nahla will have to stay in California so she will be able to grow up with her father, Canadian model and Halle’s ex, Gabriel Aubry.

The full details of the ruling are unclear — but one thing’s for sure … Halle did not get what she was hoping for. Halle has said from the beginning she never wanted to remove Gabriel from Nahla’s life and she merely believed France would be safer for everyone involved.

Tell us Babble readers, what do you think of the judge’s ruling? Is it a good thing that Halle and Nahla are staying here?

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