Halle Berry Makes a Cast Look Stylish (Photos)

halle berry
Halle Berry and her brand new boot.

It can’t be too easy to get around these days for celeb mom Halle Berry! Halle is sporting a brand-new boot style cast on her right foot, which has replaced the original cast she got after breaking her foot back in September in Spain.

This injury can’t have been fun for Halle, but she does at least have a somewhat funny story behind how it happened. It turns out that Halle’s daughter, Nahla, was chasing a goat in the countryside in Spain, and Halle tripped over a rock chasing after her.

Halle’s foot definitely seems to be on the mend, and she’s making the most out of having to wear that big hunk-of-a-boot. Only Halle Berry could still look stylish and cute with a cast on her foot!

Here are a few more photos of Halle. We hope she’s back up and running (literally) soon!


  • Hobbling Along… 1 of 4
    Hobbling Along...
    It can't be easy to walk in that thing!
  • Color Coordinated 2 of 4
    Color Coordinated
    You gotta love that Halle's outfit works with her boot.
  • Poor Thing! 3 of 4
    Poor Thing!
    Hopefully Halle won't have to wear that boot too much longer!
  • Doting Mama 4 of 4
    Doting Mama
    Halle isn't letting her injury get in the way of going out and about with Nahla!


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