Halle Berry Pregnant? Can You Spot the Baby Bump? (Photos)


Is Halle Berry pregnant? According to some of those pesky sources, the 46-year-old actress may indeed be knocked up. TMZ broke the news saying that Halle and her fiance, actor Olivier Martinez, are expecting their first child together and that it is a baby boy! The source says that Halle is about three months pregnant, but there are rumors that she is further along since she is already showing.  And speaking of “showing” can you spot her baby bump (if there is one that is)? Check out these recent photos of Halle Berry and see if you can tell!

  • The Family 1 of 9
    The Family
    Halle Berry with Olivier Martinez and Halle's daughter Nahla.
  • Vanity Fair 2 of 9
    Vanity Fair
    From late February, when rumors began to swirl.
  • Loose? 3 of 9
    Halle has been wearing loose tops like this lately.
  • Halle Hiding? 4 of 9
    Halle Hiding?
    Is Halle Berry hiding a baby bump under this big top?
  • On the Beach 5 of 9
    On the Beach
    Halle wore a cover-up over her bikini while in Hawaii this week.
  • Dress 6 of 9
    This dress, with it's design, could hide a bump...
  • Another cover up 7 of 9
    Another cover up
    She's never hides her body, but again she was seen wearing a cover-up.
  • Another big top 8 of 9
    Another big top
    And yes, another big bulky top!
  • Close Up 9 of 9
    Close Up
    Is it or isn't it? That is the question.