Halle Berry's Daughter Nahla Loves Being Like Her Mom!

halle berry
Halle Berry and Nahla at the park.

She may be one of the most beautiful and successful women in Hollywood, but Halle Berry is also just a regular mom like the rest of us! She loves spending time with her daughter, Nahla, and she seems to be raising a pint-sized version of herself in her little girl.

Halle told PEOPLE that Nahla is a real “girly-girl.” It sounds like she loves being just like her mom…and even steals her perfume! Berry said, “I have four fragrances now. She tries them all out and likes them all. She’ll definitely be a fragrance wearer… I can tell.”

Perfume is something that Halle has enjoyed since she was a child as well. In her speech at the recent FiFi awards she said, “As a kid, I always wanted to have fragrances. And I would mix things in my mother’s cabinet. Now, as an adult, I get a chance to really mix my own.”

I wonder if Nahla will have her own fragrance line someday too?

Photo: Pacific Coast News


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