Halle & Nahla: That Much Beauty Should Be Illegal



You should probably look away because you might suffer from adorable overload (real condition and sort of reminds us of another gorgeous family), and it might be illegal to be that beautiful.  Therefore, it might be illegal for you to view that much beauty.  Not sure, I’m not in law enforcement or a lawyer.  Anyway, actress Halle Berry and her beautiful daughter Nahla, were spotted out and about in Miami on Monday, July 6 (possibly committing a crime by being so gorgeous).

Couple more pics after the jump



Halle is in Miami to support her man (and trying not to get arrested for being so fantastic-looking), Nahla’s daddy, model Gabriel Aubry (who, by the way, ain’t that hard to look at either), in Miami’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Nahla is getting so big and she is such a perfect combination of both mom and dad (Seriously, I’m pretty sure they are committing a crime by being so good-looking).  With two gorgeous parents, it’s no surprise the 16-month-old tot is super cute (too bad she and her parents are going to the you’re too beautiful jail).

I think I’ll go brush up on the law.


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