Halloween Came Early For Kelly Ripa's Son!

kelly ripa
Kelly Ripa's son is a real Scream!

It may only be May, but it looks like Halloween came a little bit early for one of Kelly Ripa’s sons. This photo was taken while Kelly and her family were getting into a car in Manhattan. As you can see, Kelly’s little boy is sporting a Halloween mask reminiscent of the Scream movies. Because of the mask, we can’t tell for sure which son this is, but judging from his height, I’m guessing it’s her youngest son, Joaquin.

Were Kelly and her clan headed off to some sort of costume party, or was Joaquin just having some fun wearing the mask? My son is only five, but there are days when he insists on wearing things that aren’t exactly in line with the current season. It’s raining cats and dogs in the Northeast, but he still wore a foam sun visor that he’d made in preschool out and about this weekend.

Whatever the reason for Joaquin’s spooky look, it’s great that Kelly let him express himself and be a kid!

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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