Hank And Kendra Are Headed To Indianapolis


hank-baskett-kendra-wilkinsonOnly a day after the Eagles wide receiver/reality star lost his job to a reformed Michael Vick, it looks like Hank Baskett and Kendra are headed to Middle America for Hank’s new gig as an Indianapolis Colt. Just when the couple was prepared for their baby’s birth in Philly.

Reportedly, expectant mother Kendra Wilkinson was super-pissed about her husband’s unceremonious firing. Says an insider:

“Kendra obviously loves animals, so she was very unhappy with Vick being picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles,” friends of Kendra tell Fox 411. “She stayed quiet for Hank and out of respect for the team, but as an animal lover, it was difficult. Now Hank is without a job basically because of Michael Vick. She’s sad that this is how Hank’s time with the Eagles is ending.”

Of course, now that Hank’s been picked up by the Colts, Kendra is probably cooling off a bit. Still, it’s inconvenient for sure.

At least the newlyweds have plenty of time to build their Indy nest before their baby boy “Hank Baskett IV” is due on Christmas Day.