Hank Azaria: When Daddy Is the Bad Guy! Smurfs Movie Trailer (Video)

smurfs movie
Hank Azaria and son Hal

Hank Azaria was spotted out with his adorable son in Central Park this weekend.

Hal is two, cute as can be, and clueless that his dad is the bad guy!  Hank Azaria plays Gargamel in this summer’s Smurfs movie.

Those adorable Smurfs are characters that any child will fall in love with. Yet, Hal’s dad plays the guy who is trying to capture the Smurfs. Maybe all the make up that Azaria wears as Gargamel will have Hal fooled into thinking that isn’t really his dad on the big screen.

The Smurfs comes out in theaters this Friday, July 29th. If you haven’t seen the Smurfs trailer, take a look and watch for how different Hank Azaria looks as Gargamel.

Photo: PCN

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