Happy B-Day Kris Jenner! How Old Is This Kardashian Mom? Plus A Look at Her Wild Style! (Photos)

It's Kris Jenner's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kris Jenner! The reality star, businesswoman, socialite and matriarch of the Kardashian clan is celebrating a birthday today – November 5th.

The mom of six (she has daughters Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie and son Robert) is turning 56. Pretty young for a mom of such famous and successful offspring and a grandma to boot. Hopefully the family can take some time away from worrying about Kim Kardashian’s marriage woes and celebrate their marvelous mom.

And to celebrate Kris Jenner, we’ve put together a slideshow celebrating her wild style (the woman really has a thing for animal prints!)

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    Kris Jenner
    Kris pairs her pension for suits and animal prints together!
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    Kris Jenner
    Kris doing promotion (and damage control from the fallout from Kim's marriage) in a houndstooth coat.
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    Kris Jenner
    Makes a statement with a bold leopard print jacket.
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    Kris Jenner
    Going for a masculine look with this fitted suit.
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    Kris Jenner
    A sheer top matched with black slacks. Simple yet sexy.
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    Kris Jenner
    This outfit - it's all about the Hermes Birkin Bag!
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    Kris Jenner
    Kris sporting a short skirt! Hello hot red leopard!
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    Kris Jenner
    Kris wears skin tight leggings.
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    Kris Jenner Kris Jenner
    Her wrapping paper matches her shirt.
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    Kris Jenner
    On the Today show this past week, Kris looked kinda goth.
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    Kris Jenner
    Dressed up for a Lakers game.
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    Kris Jenner
    A bold print dress while in Paris. Love the Chanel bag!
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    Kris Jenner
    Kris in her LBD!
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    Kris Jenner
    Quite a statement necklace.
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    Kris Jenner
    Looking cute and flirty!