Happy Birthday Elmo: Voice Actor Kevin Clash Turns 50! How He Stays Forever Young (VIDEO)

Kevin Clash, who voices Elmo, turns 50 today!

“Sesame Street’s” Elmo, the loveable (or totally annoying; depends on your age) Muppet, is perpetually 3 years old, but the voice behind Elmo, puppeteer Kevin Clash, turns 50 today. He has been voicing Elmo for nearly half his life after joining “Sesame Street” in the early ’80s.

Many of us parents do not get the Elmo phenomenon after all, the little red monster joined the show long after we’d stopped watching. (Well, after people my age stopped watching. Guess I’m showing my age.) But even if you don’t particularly care for Elmo, you’ll find this video of Clash in a discussion with his puppet alter ego charming. Working with kids, Clash has definitely found some sort of fountain of youth!

Click on to watch the video and to see some fun Elmo-themed tweets from @SesameStreet, including one of Elmo interviewing Neil Patrick Harris (love him!).

Elmo tweets:

Elmo: Elmo can’t wait to grow up. But Elmo guesses he has to wait! It’s not like Elmo can grow up any faster!

Elmo: #WhatIAmIs … proud!

Step to the left, step to the front, now flap your arms! Elmo’s teaching you his new dance, the Elmo Slide!

Elmo: SMILE! Someone loves you. (And Elmo does too!)

Elmo interviews @ActuallyNPH

Elmo, Abby and their Sesame Street friends at the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia:

Elmo: Elmo will make up a poem that is short but sweet: “Tweets are sweet”.


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