Happy Birthday Prince William! Kate Middletons Prince Charming Turns 31 (Photos)


Kate Middleton’s very own Prince Charming, Prince William turns 31 today! In honor of the occasion, we’ve compiled a photo gallery of some of the Prince’s best looks from the past ten years from his transformation to bachelor prince to royal father-to-be!

Check out our photos in our gallery of Prince William in some of his best moments and of course, don’t forget to wish him a very happy birthday below!

  • Prince William 1 of 13
    Prince William walks to work in London

    Prince William heading to work back in 2005.

  • Fun Nights Out 2 of 13
    **RESTRICTIONS APPLY** Prince William leaving after a night out at the Mahiki Nightclub, London

    Prince William at the clubs again!

  • With His Brother 3 of 13
    **RESTRICTIONS APPLY** Prince Harry sneezes whilst standing on the balcony with his brother Prince William at Buckingham Palace during Trooping the Colour

    Either Prince Harry is sneezing here or laughing at one of his own jokes!

  • Suit 4 of 13
    Prince William outside Whitechapel Art Gallery after re-opening the newly expanded gallery

    Ahhh... a Prince in a suit. Enough said.

  • Clubbing 5 of 13
    Prince William leaves Raffles Nightclub in London

    Hey, even Princes are allowed to go clubbing once in awhile!

  • Sydney 6 of 13
    Prince William holds on tight as he takes a ride around Sydney Harbor in a Navy speed boat

    Prince William looking fly as always in Sydney in 2010.

  • William and Kate Looking Dapper 7 of 13

    William and Kate at a friend's wedding in 2010.

  • What’s the Matter? 8 of 13
    Prince William and Kate Middleton - at their first official appearance together since their engagement - dedicate a lifeboat during the Naming Ceremony at Trearddur Bay

    Astonished? Shock? What do you think?

  • Look of Love 9 of 13
    Prince William and Royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton visit St Andrews University in Fife, Scotland

    These two always have the look of love to them, don't they?

  • Wedding 10 of 13
    The newly married couple wave to the crowds from the balcony in Buckingham Palace

    Millions watched as William and Kate got married in 2011.

  • Baby Bump Watch 11 of 13
    Kate Middleton and Prince William greet crowds at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration on Buckingham Palace balcony

    For the longest time we were on Kate Middleton bump watch last year....

  • Caring 12 of 13
    Prince William is seen after visiting Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, in the hospital in London

    Prince William visiting his grandfather in the hospital.

  • Royal Parents 13 of 13
    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, stand on the balcony during the annual 'Trooping the Colour' ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London

    We can't wait to see these two in their new role as parents!

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