Happy Birthday Suri! Hollywood's Luckiest Kid?

Happy Birthday Suri!

Happy Birthday Suri! Suri is 5 years old today!

For her 5th birthday party, “She wants a piñata and her girlfriends to come over and some swimming and we’re going to make a cake together,” Katie tells Ellen DeGeneres. “This is my favorite day of the year. So we’re going to have a little tea party and I like to girl it up.”

With parents like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri has to be Hollywood’s luckiest kid.

Here’s why:

Who else get’s a birthday gift worth millions?  Tom Cruise is reportedly adding $5 million to Suri’s trust fund… she already has a few million in there.

Suri has the best wardrobe.  She’s been spotted wearing designer gowns, princess dresses and $25,000 tiaras.

Suri’s Halloween costume cost a reported $6,000. What was it?  A tulle skirt with pearl embroidery.

Suri gets pampered more than the average woman!  Suri reportedly had a $1,300 makeup shopping spree at Sephora in Toronto when they were there filming The Kennedy’s.  Suri also loves to pick out her own clothing.  While shopping in Boston, Suri asked for a mink coat! Katie convinced her to go faux fur.

Suri has her own castle.  Cruise and Holmes designed a $100,000 Disney castle-themed playroom in their $30.5 million Beverly Hills home. If that’s not lucky, I don’t know what is!

Photo: PCN