Happy Birthday Victoria Beckham! The Fashionable Mom Turns 38

Victoria Beckham

She is one of the celebrity world’s most fashionable and dedicated moms, and today she is celebrating her 38th birthday. Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham sure has a lot to celebrate today after having one of the best years of her life!

Not only did Victoria give birth to her first daughter, Harper, last summer, but she also had a successful year career-wise with the opening of her new stores in London and New York City and the celebrity world falling head over heels for her dresses and designs. Everyone from Beyonce, to Jennifer Lawrence to Julia Roberts have been spotted wearing her label out and about as well as on the red carpet.

But that doesn’t stop this mama from having her fun though – even she takes the time off from being a mother-of-four and wife to David Beckham to have the occasional girls’ night out with her besties Eva Longoria and fellow Brit mom Kate Beckinsale.

Check out some of our favorite photos of stylish Victoria from the past year and let us know what you think. And again – Happy Birthday!


  • Victoria Beckham 1 of 19
    Victoria Beckham
    Victoria Beckham holds her baby Harper close as she leaves the Plaza Hotel in New York City after having lunch.
  • Mother And Daughter 2 of 19
    Mother And Daughter
    Victoria Beckham totters by on skyscraper Louboutin heels as she takes her baby daughter Harper Seven for a stroll in New York.
  • Always Close 3 of 19
    Always Close
    New mom Victoria Beckham and daughter Harper are spotted spotted together at a clothing store in NYC.
  • Mommy Time 4 of 19
    Mommy Time
    Victoria Beckham holds baby Harper tight as they are seen entering Nobu Restaurant in NYC.
  • Fashionable 5 of 19
    The always-fashionable Victoria sported an orange and black block print top with a blue pencil skirt from her collection and black platform heels.
  • Take Off 6 of 19
    Take Off
    Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and baby Harper are see at JFK Airport to catch a plane to Los Angeles.
  • Tres Chic 7 of 19
    Tres Chic
    Loving how Victoria looks so chic here!
  • Retail Therapy 8 of 19
    Retail Therapy
    Victoria Beckham is seen doing some retail therapy on Valentine's Day as she leaves a Miu Miu store in New York City.
  • Hollywood Night Out 9 of 19
    Hollywood Night Out
    David and Victoria Beckham attending the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at the Sunset Towers Hotel, West Hollywood.
  • Black And White 10 of 19
    Black And White
    Victoria in an intimate shot she shared on her Twitter page.
  • With The Boys 11 of 19
    With The Boys
    Victoria horseback riding with her boys in the Hollywood Hills
  • Hearts 12 of 19
    Victoria sharing the love.
  • Mother First 13 of 19
    Mother First
    Victoria made this for her kids' International Day at school.
  • Girls 14 of 19
    Having a girls night out.
  • PTA 15 of 19
    Who would have thought that Victoria is a PTA mom?
  • Cover Model 16 of 19
    Cover Model
    Her day job.
  • Checkin’ Out 17 of 19
    Checkin' Out
    Victoria getting ready for a big night out with David.
  • Famous Friends 18 of 19
    Famous Friends
    Victoria has plenty of them!
  • Working Mother 19 of 19
    Working Mother
    Victoria at the opening of her new store in London.