Happy Hanukkah or Hannukah or Chanukah

Kate Hudson Celebrates Hanukkah
Kate Hudson celebrates. How does she spell it?

How do you spell the holiday anyway? There are up to six different spellings of the word that are common. So, do we say Happy Hanukkah or Hannukah or Chanukah or…..

We know there are some celebs who are starting their celebration of the holiday today and some celeb families, too. I wonder how they spell it? And what is the reason for all the spellings, anyway?

In original Hebrew, the holiday only has five letters. There is only one correct spelling in Hebrew: the letters chet, nun, vav ,kaf, hey.

But, how that translates to English is what is up for debate. Spelling it in English seems to depend on your phonetic preference, which is why we see so many different spellings. Some versions are even chosen over the way that they look- as in liking the look of double kk’s instead of double nn’s.

Whether you spell it Hanukkah, Hannukah, Chanukah, Chanuko, or even Xanuka or a spelling that I left out… Happy Holidays!

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