Happy Holidays Photos: Awkward Celebrity Christmas Cards!

Awkward Celebrity Christmas-cards
Holiday Photos Gone Wrong?

Happy Holidays Photos are one thing but Awkward Celebrity Christmas Cards are a whole different story! The always funny website offers up some hysterical photos of Celebrity Christmas Cards that you have to see!  You really need to check out the Awkward Celebrity Christmas Cards article to get the full effect but I’ll give you a preview.

The Gods of Bad Taste were happy this Christmas when they saw the Christmas card for Bethenny Frankel and family!  OMG. The former Real Housewife of New York and her hubby must have been trying to go for a skating theme? Yikes!Another Awkward Celebrity Christmas Card is from Hugh Hefner!  Is it me or is this Christmas card seriously creepy?

awkward celebrity christmas cards

Go to to see the full gallery of bad taste but I’ll leave you with these choice words from the website:

The saying goes that money can’t buy you class, or taste for that matter. These Christmas cards from celebrities definitely prove that. Did they give their stylists the entire month off? Apparently!