Hard Times of RJ Berger: Amber Lancaster and Paul Iacono Woo Teens


amber lancaster RJ Berger

Got teens? If so, you’re probably already hearing a lot about “The Hard Times of RJ Berger” and its stars Paul Iacano and Amber Lancaster. If not, you probably found the nearly endless RJ Berger promotion during last night’s MTV Movie Awards nothing less than baffling. Let’s start out by saying that this show, described by USA Today as “Hung for Kids” is strictly for the younger set (or oldesters nostalgic for Beavis and Butthead).

Paul Iacono plays RJ Berger, a well-endowed 15-year-old who happens to be “scrawny and weird-looking, awkward and pale.” He’s loveable to viewers, but not so much to the bullies at school—and his hugeness hasn’t helped him win over his super-crush, played by Amber Lancaster. 

Will RJ’s newfound confidence (after his “gift” is revealed during a wardrobe malfunction) hold strong or waver? Will parents let their kids watch a show about a dude’s private parts? Will kids want to watch? All of that remains to be seen. Critics have been lukewarm. But there’s some high-profile talent pulling for the show — The Hard Times of RJ Berger was was created by David Katzenberg, son of Dreamworks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg. Plus, for now, MTV is pushing this raunchy teen fare with a passion.

A new episode airs Monday June 14 at 10 PM.

PHOTO: Courtesy of MTV