Harper Beckham Tops The List Of Top 10 Celebrities Under Age 25 (And Suri Cruise Is At Number 4!)

Already Number 1: Harper Beckham

How does it feel to be two-months-old and already be the most powerful celebrity under the age of 25 in the world?

Well, you’d have to ask Harper Seven Beckham for the answer.

Oh, that’s right.  British InStyle magazine has named a baby who most likely spends her days sleeping, breastfeeding, and shopping at Prada as a more powerful celebrity than Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, and gasp our holy lady of kindergarden fashion, Suri Cruise.

According to the editors of the magazine, Harper has it all, or will one day have it all because of her two uber famous parents and three older brothers.

They write, “Will she be a pop star, designer or sportswoman?  Either way, Posh’s daughter inherits a gaggle of hunky older brothers and one heck of a wardrobe.”

How disappointed we will all be (we as in Anna Wintour and Harper’s mom, Victoria) when Harper turns out anything like….. tomboy Shiloh (by not wearing a dress, of course).

Other celebrity offspring to make the top ten list of most powerful celebrities under the legal age to rent a car include Gwen Stefani’s boys Kingston and Zuma Rossdale, Dakota Fanning, and Willow Smith.

For those wondering, Justin Beiber only made it to #17 while Lady Gaga just about finished the list at #99.

Check out the top ten list in our gallery here!



  • #1 Harper Beckham 1 of 10
    #1 Harper Beckham
  • #2 Kingston Rossdale 2 of 10
    #2 Kingston Rossdale
  • #3 Zuma Rossdale 3 of 10
    #3 Zuma Rossdale
  • #4 Suri Cruise 4 of 10
    #4 Suri Cruise
  • #5 Kieron Williamson (child prodigy and painter) 5 of 10
    #5 Kieron Williamson (child prodigy and painter)
  • #6 Jackie Evancho 6 of 10
    #6 Jackie Evancho
  • #7 Willow Smith 7 of 10
    #7 Willow Smith
  • #8 Jaden Smith 8 of 10
    #8 Jaden Smith
  • #9 Elle Fanning 9 of 10
    #9 Elle Fanning
  • #10 Dakota Fanning 10 of 10
    #10 Dakota Fanning


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