Harper Seven: Pregnant in Heels Star Rosie Pope Slams Victoria Beckhams Baby Name

What Does Rosie Pope Think of the Name Harper Seven?

The name that you give your newborn baby is a deeply personal one. It’s a big decision that parents research, debate, and eventually decide on.  But once you share your name with the world, well, that is when the judging starts. Not everyone will love your pick for a moniker as much as you, and if you are a celebrity with a pension for wacky names, times that by 526,093 or so.

One person who doesn’t dig the name that Victoria and David Beckham picked for their baby? Pregnant in Heels star Rosie Pope.

What did she say?

On the Today Show along with talking about her craziest maternity concierge request, and how women need to stick together she took a dig at the Beckham’s pick saying the worst baby name is,  “Anything with a number in it – I don’t want to name names… It just happened!”

Yeah, she didn’t need to name names but we ALL know who she is talking about.

What do you think of the name Seven?

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