Harper Seven "Tests" The Runway For Her Mom Victoria Beckham

Harper Seven Beckham

OMG. Gisele Bundchen is probably feeling very threatened right about now. And she should be. Have you ever seen a better looking supermodel with the cutest chunkiest legs walk the runway before?

Well, that’s exactly what Victoria Beckham’s daughter Harper Seven did as she “tested” the runway for the models before her mom’s big show at New York Fashion Week over the weekend. Proud mom Victoria tweeted this adorable photo of H7 looking pretty fierce if you ask me.

Something tells me that the little tot might be joining her mother in the fashion world one day with her own clothing line. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Vicky started a children’s line? I’m pretty sure it would be a HUGE success the same way Gwen Stefani’s and Stella McCartney’s lines have been. What do you guys think?

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