Harrison Ford Is Positively Joyful


harrison-ford-calista-flockhart-liamHarrison Ford and Calista Flockhart were engaged last year sometime and Harrison has embraced Calista’s son as his own.  He has become a doting father to 9-year-old Liam.

Ford says: On the weekends, I do whatever Calista and Liam want to do.  We’ll take a couple of hours on Sunday morning to go motorcycle riding or go for a hike. I just made a birdhouse with my son.”

I’ve made the mistake of saying “adopted children” before so I won’t this time.

I’ve figured out that if they are small, loved and you take care of them, they are your children.

Parade asked him if having a 9-year-old is an “unexpected joy” and Harrison responded, “Yes. I wasn’t expecting it at all.  The unexpected part was certainly true, and the joy part is also true.”

I’ve always like Harrison Ford and I’m glad to see him enjoying himself.

P.S. My boys will always like him because he is Indiana Jones and Han Solo. Even the Lego versions are awesome.


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