Has Mel Been Drugged By An Evil Russian Baby Mama? (Video)


mel-gibson-crazy-eyes-oksana-300x205Yeah, I know it seems like the Mel Gibson gossip about Oksana Grigorieva being a evil golddigging mastermind have been done to death, but there’s definitely something about Mel Gibson that’s not quite right these days… and I’m pretty sure it’s not the radiant joyousness of a happy love life.

That leaves only 2 other explanations:

  1. Oksana has Mel under the control of a powerful mind control drug (like the one in Conspiracy Theory)
  2. Someone else (Hasselhoff?) got Mel really messed up on horse tranquilizers before his bit on last Friday’s The Jay Leno Show.

Seriously though, what has happened to Mel Gibson? It seems that he’s been on a severe downward spiral since announcing his divorce with Robyn and his new baby with girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. He’s seems to have gotten even worse since he dubbed himself “OctoMel” on Leno back in May.

It’s pretty disturbing to watch him here, and even more so when you consider that he’s only got a few months to get it together before his 8th child is born.

What do you think: Is Mel in self-destruct mode? Or, is Oksana a devious, golddigger, drugging her superstar baby daddy in order to bleed him dry? I think you know which scenario I think is going down. Whatever happened to that paternity test?

The Jay Leno Show – Ten@Ten Mel Gibson