Has Mom Kate Gosselin Gone Too Far?


TLC’s famous mom Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus 8 made an appearance in the opening act of the Emmy Awards last night.  Sadly, she looks so different that she was absolutely unrecognizable.

Kate made her cameo during host Jimmy Fallon’s opening act. She was donned in her entire Dancing With The Stars outfit and more makeup than a clown. It took me a good minute to realize who she was. Has Kate gone the Heidi Montag route and let fame get to her head? It certainly has affected her looks. Will her children suffer in the process?

After the performance she said, “Doing that little part in the skit was so amazing for me, being around so many wonderful actors. I so want to give it a try! I think it is so fun to be somebody else, to get out of me and be somebody else.”

While the Gosselin children have always been under scrutiny, I feel that the show has gone on long enough. The fame that comes with being under a microscope seems to be too much for even Kate to handle. Let’s just hope that she doesn’t start getting major plastic surgery.

Do you think Kate’s look was too much?