Have You Been Waiting For Top Chef? Blame Padma's Baby


Are you a Top Chef fan? Have you been waiting patiently for Season 7 to debut? Well, it will finally air on Wednesday night…better late than never, right?  There had been a slight delay in the filming of the much loved reality show and who is to solely to blame? A baby…Padma Lakshmi’s baby that is. The series was supposed to start shooting in January but they had to change the schedule due to Padma’s pregnancy. Padma told George Lopez “I was going to be eight months pregnant. There was no way I could do it.” The production put on the brakes for six weeks before they started filming the series in Washington D.C.. Once they began,  Padma said, “We all were like this big caravan of gypsies who moved from New York to DC and set up camp there. I had my mom there, I had the baby and the nanny.”

And motherhood has apparently made her less ambitious in a way, “My perspective has shifted, and I’m not as hungry anymore because my priorities have changed.” When asked if she meant ‘hungry’ literally, she corrected herself saying? “Oh, no, I’m literally hungry. I’m more hungry than ever.” She added that, “It’s really hard when you’re trying to lose the baby weight and you’re eating all day long on the set.”

Will you be watching Top Chef Season 7?

Photo: Bauer Griffin

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