Hawaii Tsunami Update - Dog The Bounty Hunter Tweets Hawaii News

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Hawaii Tsunami News from Dog The Bounty Hunter

Who would have thought that Dog the Bounty Hunter and the crazy crew of Dakine Bonds would be a major news source for Hawaii Tsunami news?  The family documented the news of the Tsunami from the time of the Japan earthquake last night through their search for Baby Lyssa up to the all clear this morning from their home in the islands. 

“Wow everyone safe in Hawaii thousands of people here unable to reach family in Japan,” Beth writes on the show’s Twitter page this morning. She later added, “Thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers again Hawaii is ok all schools closed Ca is next.”

At this point, they have accounted for the entire Chapman family in Hawaii and want you to tune in for their new episode on Wednesay.  Apparently not even a tsunami can stop the marketing of their hit A&E show!  It even sounds like the production crew was with them at the time of the warnings so we may get to see the tsunami on the next season of Dog The Bounty Hunter!

Photo: A&E

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